Detailed Review for Note Taking Apps with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil

<Please Note: I post this story more than 3 years ago. Now I just post a YouTube video about the comparison between GoodNotes and Notability. You are welcom to watch the video and leave your comments. >

Why I Do This Review?

Although I am a software architect, I prefer handwriting to typing while taking notes, planning, drafting flow chart and mind map, and doing research. For this reason, many devices I have bought support stylus such as Samsung Note II and SONY VAIO DUO 13.

Now I have an iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil, then the immediate question is, which note taking app is the best one. I have read several reviews and watched certain Youtube videos, but I still could not decide. Eventually, I tested almost dozens of note taking apps and concluded that there is not abest one because different apps have different pros and cons. What I can do is to review these apps from certain features and mark them, then I will give each feature a weight according to my own needs, and therefore, choosing the app with the highest score by multiplying the weight by the mark. This app is the most suitable one for me.

If you are also trying to find a perfect note taking app, here is what you need.

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