印象笔记 Evernote vs DEVONthink


An easy-to-use note-taking software and document management software is essential to establish your knowledge management system. Evernote is one of the most popular note-taking software, that deserves to be the “second brain.” DEVONthink is a relative niche document management and academic research software. DEVONthink has accumulated in the English-speaking world for many years. It also integrates AI technology with automatic classification and similarity recommendation. This video will accurately compare and analyze this two excellent software in terms of note and document management methods, privacy and security, the organization of notes and documents, and the accuracy of search results.

印象笔记 vs DEVONthink,3大不同点 | 谁是最强笔记软件 |文档管理、笔记整理以及智能搜索功能大比拼

DEVONthink vs Evernote The best note-taking software | Organizing and intelligent search comparison.